Analyze & learn

Use our easy-to-use ‘Smart Grid Builder’ to click & build a replication of your energy network.
Integrate your meter data and start analyzing your eco-system. Monitor all your Energy Assets, enable Alarming, and create interactive Dashboards.


Be carbon neutral in 2030 or reduce costs by 30%? We help you to make the right data driven decisions based on the output of scenario’s you create in seconds!
Drag & drop energy assets like battery storage, heat-pumps, EV-systems and PV-systems and simulate the realistic scenario’s for your energy network.

Optimize your assets

Any company without EMS will be subject to the demand for energy by it’s users. With forecasting and smart management, assets such as heat pumps, charging stations etc. you can profit from dynamic pricing and avoid congestion in your energy network.

Design. Gain insights. Run Scenarios. Control

Take the lead in energy transition. We help you to achieve your goals!

How emission reductions and costs saving go hand-in-hand

Saving energy costs is very simple. And the good news is that is goes hand-in-hand with reducing emissions!

Create Digital twin

Your energy network exists of many assets connected to the public energy network. Your first step is to create a digital twin with the most important assets. 

Get insights

Importing historic asset data on energy meters or connecting the digital twin with real-time data from your meters will give you the first usefull insights


Based on your energy profile we will offer you possible cost savings based on dynamic energy contracts


Optimizing your assets based on their profile will probably save you double digit energy costs by using more green energy!

To optimize your energy ecosystem, we create a digital twin to retrieve insights, run scenario’s and control assets to achieve your goals. The result is a Virtual Power Plant. 

Maximize the return on your investment 

TIBO Energy Management software will your assets and help you achieve your sustainable goals. By using our algorithms, your asset can be optimized for either a financial return, reducing the CO2-footprint or a balance for the best of both worlds.

ForEcasting as foundation for smart management

With the use of our algorithms and AI TIBO energy forecasts your energy consumption and the energy market.

Be part of the energy transition

Together we maximize our contribution to the energy transition.  

Start saving costs today

Optimize your energy grid and make sure no green energy goes to waste!

Innovation partners

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