Airport EnergyHub

Airports – Secure energy availability and optimize your ecosystem

Manage Airport grids

Fluctuating energy demands at airports poses unique challenges. To help and support airports we offer a comprehensive solution to effectively manage airport energy. With real-time monitoring and control we can ensure efficient operations. Seamlessly integrate renewable energy for sustainability and make data-driven decisions with scenario modelling.


  • Improve energy efficiëncy

  • Reduce emissions

  • Data-driven energy transition

  • Decrease dependency from ‘the Net’

  • Secure energy availability

Use case


Our energy management system empowers airports to monitor, control, and optimise energy consumption, gain visibility into energy infrastructure, prevents shortages and reduce wastage. Our analytics identify areas for optimal CO2 reduction. It integrates solar and wind power to lower carbon footprint. Our software helpt you achieve sustainability goals.

  • Model various scenarios with TIBO EMS.
  • Evaluate electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Optimize energy consumption during peak and off-peak hours.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Ensure feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

A sustainable future

Choose our system for efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving airport energy management. Unlock potential with our robust platform. Navigate complexities with confidence. Stay ahead in the drive towards a greener airport ecosystem. Partner with TIBO Energy for a sustainable future.