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For a full house, we organized the first edition of Power Your Growth on May 16, 2024: the event where we not only discuss energy problems but also come to a solution. With our partners, we discussed solutions to truly accelerate the energy transition. And we did.

One of the themes during Power Your Growth was, of course, gridcongestion. But instead of talking about the problem (and once again highlighting the red card for the Netherlands), we focused on solutions.

One such solution lies in decentralizing the energy grid, for example, in energy hubs. Martijn van Berkel(Enexis) shared Enexis’ vision for energy hubs and what Enexis is already doing around these hubs.

Additionally, Robert van der Hidde(ENTRNCE) talked about peer-to-peer trading in energy and Olof van der Gaag(NVDE) discussed the energy law and the current state of the energy transition.

Renewable energy indispensable

With rising energy needs, renewable energy becomes indispensable. Electrification is seen as a logical first step, but the challenges in infrastructure and the pace of electrification still need to be addressed.

Significant progress has been made, such as the installation of solar and wind farms and battery storage systems. But the challenge now lies in balancing generation and consumption. Energy networks must be managed efficiently, which is complex due to the technical, cost, and sustainability aspects.

There are many solutions on the market, but they often address only part of the problem. But there is good news: Tibo Energy has developed an AI-driven platform that offers a comprehensive solution, addressing all aspects of energy management.

The energy system of the future

Bram Cappers (Tibo Energy) introduced Alice, an AI-driven energy management system that helps balance grid loads, costs and CO2 emissions. Alice provides real-time insights and optimizations using predictive analytics and simulations. This enables companies to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

Alice is scalable and hardware-independent, meaning the system can operate effectively regardless of existing infrastructure. The system is capable of balancing energy generation and consumption, optimizing costs and minimizing carbon emissions. By simulating scenarios, Alice helps companies proactively respond to changes in energy supply and demand.

Power Your Growth

An example of a successful implementation is at Theuws Power Storage, where Alice helped achieve significant cost savings and carbon reductions. The future of energy management lies in the integration of AI and smart technologies to achieve sustainability goals and address grid congestion.

Launching showcase Waalre

Power Your Growth was concluded by the launch of Alice at our showcase at ‘t Brabants Genot in Waalre, by Jeroen Althusius. During a live demo, he showed how we are helping this business owner address grid congestion. In doing so, he highlighted the EMS at hospitality venue ‘t Brabants Genot, where grid congestion is a major problem. The goal was to electrify the kitchen and charging stations, despite network limitations.

During the implementation of Alice at this location, the team encountered several challenges, including aging inverters and complexities with Modbus RTU. Despite these problems, the team managed to get the system working and gain valuable insights into how the system functions in a real-world environment. You can read the entire case here.

Scenarios and simulations

Alice uses historical data and customer requirements to create scenarios and simulations. This helps to predict and optimize future energy needs and generation. The simulations are used to assess technical and financial feasibility, such as balancing contracted power and optimizing the business case for different energy assets.

Power Your Growth 2024: we had a blast!

We look back on an incredibly beautiful day, full of great conversations and interesting insights. Feedback from visitors was also positive, rating the event an average of 8.7. Here’s to another edition!

Wondering what the atmosphere was like at Power Your Growth? Watch the aftermovie here:

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