Business case validation

Validate your business case with ease

Unleash the Power of Simulations

With TIBO EMS, we provide you with a powerful simulation tool that allows you to assess different scenarios, analyse costs and benefits, and achieve your objectives with confidence.Our system allows you to create multiple scenarios based on your current energy network and devices, incorporating assets that could potentially solve your problem. By simulating these scenarios over a specific timeframe, you can validate your business case and accurately predict the outcomes. Whether your objective is to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, or explore alternative energy sources, TIBO EMS provides the reliable simulations you need for decision-making.

About our simulation software

  • Save time

  • Simulations & multiple scenarios

  • Profit from high-tech forecasting

  • Exposes statistically high risk events

Advantages of TIBO EMS

  • Flexibility in asset Management: TIBO EMS allows you to easily add, remove, or adjust assets within your simulations, providing you with the flexibility to explore different scenarios and optimise your business case.
  • Unlimited scenarios and simulations: There are no limitations on the number of scenarios or simulations you can create. Explore a wide range of possibilities and fine-tune your business case to perfection.
  • Clear technical reporting: Our simulation tool provides clear and comprehensive technical reports for each simulation. This allows you to understand the technical aspects of each scenario and assess the feasibility of implementation.
  • Reliable results with AI and Machine Learning: The system leverages AI and Machine Learning algorithms to deliver reliable results. Our calculations, based on quarterly predictions, ensure accurate and trustworthy predictions for the outcomes of your business case.

Analysing costs, benefits and alternatives

With our EMS, you can analyse the financial implications of each scenario, taking into account the costs of implementing new assets, operational expenses, and potential savings. Our simulation tool provides a comprehensive view of the financial impact, allowing you to assess the viability and profitability of your business case.

In addition to assessing your specific business case, TIBO EMS enables you to explore alternative solutions. By incorporating different assets and configurations into the simulations, you can compare the costs and benefits of various options. This empowers you to make informed decisions and choose the most cost-effective solution that aligns with your objectives.


  • Determine optimal mix of assets
  • Create alternative scenarios
  • Standard reporting
  • Instant results and graphics
  • Accurate simulations every 15 minutes

Advantages of TIBO EMS

By leveraging the power of simulations, you can assess different scenarios, analyze costs and benefits, and achieve your objectives effectively. With advantages such as asset flexibility, unlimited scenarios, clear technical reporting, and reliable results powered by AI and Machine Learning, TIBO EMS is your ultimate tool for business case validation. Make informed decisions, explore cost-effective alternatives, and unlock the potential of your energy management strategy with TIBO EMS.