Dashboarding & Alarming

Take control of your energy assets

Take the wheel

With TIBO’s Energy Management System (EMS), you can effortlessly monitor and manage all your energy assets. Whether it’s heat pumps, solar systems, batteries, windmills, EV solutions, or other green power assets, our robust platform puts you in the driver’s seat.

Realtime insights

For large energy users, it is a legal obligation not only to have insight into historical consumption, but also to have insight into current consumption. Supplemented with insight into the current costs, this makes consumers more aware of energy consumption. From 2027 it is also mandatory to be able to read all energy meters remotely. Data can be retrieved up to every minute via the TIBO EMS API.

What can our dashboards do?

Create interactive dashboards: Visualise and analyse energy data like never before with our interactive dashboards. Customize your dashboards to gain a comprehensive overview of your energy assets’ performance and consumption patterns. Make informed decisions and optimize energy utilization for maximum efficiency.

Set alarms for enhanced monitoring: Stay proactive and informed with our alarm dashboard feature. Receive instant notifications for critical events such as energy fluctuations, equipment malfunctions, or deviations from desired parameters. Take prompt action to ensure smooth operation and prevent disruptions.

Seize control of your energy future: Empower yourself with TIBO’s EMS and drive the transition towards a greener future. Monitor, analyze, and optimize the performance of your energy assets. Seamlessly integrate technology and sustainability to shape the energy landscape of tomorrow.

Take control

We help you to have the power to shape your energy future. Take charge of your energy assets, unlock their full potential, and make a positive impact on the environment. Experience the seamless integration of advanced technology and sustainable practices. Together, let’s create a more efficient and sustainable energy landscape.


  • Create interactive dashboards
  • Set alarms for enhanced monitoring
  • Seize control of your energy future