Digital Twin technology

Unlocking insights into your energy ecosystem

Digital Twin Technology

Blur the line between physical and digital

Step into the world of advanced energy management where the boundaries between the physical and the digital blur. With Tibo’s Digital Twin Technology®, you unlock a new dimension of insight and control over your energy ecosystem. Bring your energy system to life and create a digital replica that not only simulates but also analyzes, predicts, and optimizes.

Dynamic & Forward-Thinking

The climate is changing, and the weather compels us to constantly adjust our plans. Managing energy ecosystems, therefore, requires a dynamic and forward-thinking approach. Tibo’s Digital Twin technology assists you in this and offers a number of key advantages.

Tibo Energy Software

Dive deep into the Digital Twin Era

Whether you want to highlight the core aspects of your energy sources or delve into complex analyses, Tibo’s Digital Twin technology allows you to customize every detail to your liking. You get not just an overview of your assets but also deep insights specific to your unique energy ecosystem.Our solution is designed with ease of use in mind, making the design of your Digital Twin not only intuitive but also enjoyable.

The Visio-like environment of our Energy Management System (EMS) simplifies the modeling of your digital twin, even if you’re just taking your first steps into the world of digital modeling. With a rich database of energy assets at your disposal – from electric vehicles and PV systems to battery storage and heat pumps – every element of your energy system is brought to life in our patented Object format.

The result is a realistic representation of your physical system, processed into a virtual model that accurately simulates behavior, performance, and interactions. This lifelike emulation provides unprecedented insights into your energy landscape, enabling you to understand not only the current state of your system but also to explore future scenarios and their impact. With Tibo’s EMS by your side, you unlock the full potential of Digital Twin Technology, allowing you to optimize your energy management strategies and prepare for a more efficient, innovation-driven future.

Build your own Digital Twin.

Why spend three days on complex calculations in Excel when our software can complete the same tasks in just one hour? Transform the way you work with Tibo’s Digital Twin Technology.