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Tibo EMS analyzes, optimizes, and frees up space within your existing connection, allowing your business to continue growing in the coming years.

Leverage advanced AI to make real-time, dynamic decisions that far surpass traditional rule-based systems.

Our algorithm is dynamic, adjusting its plan every millisecond based on a range of variables such as time, weather, temperature, energy prices and the imbalance market.

Tibo’s software provides a powerful simulation tool that runs on the same engine as our EMS, allowing what you are simulating to be controlled directly and effectively.

Tibo EMS adjusts its plan every millisecond based on real-time data for the next 24-, 48-hour and 7-day periods. This way, you always have the most cost-effective energy.

the problem

The energy network

is under high pressure

Energy networks worldwide are facing unprecedented pressures. Designed for a bygone era, they struggle with the growing demand and the unpredictable nature of renewable energy, leading to netcongestion. This issue, already critical in the Netherlands, is poised to become a global challenge as countries strive for growth and sustainability. Businesses looking to expand or become more sustainable find themselves literally constrained. Local energy networks are becoming increasingly complex, and managing them is becoming ever more complicated.


the solution

Create space within your existing connection

Where traditional methods fall short in the accuracy and flexibility needed to operate within congested networks, Tibo EMS transcends limitations. With Tibo EMS, space is freed up for sustainability and growth, preparing businesses worldwide to tackle the forthcoming challenges of grid congestion.


Tibo EMS seamlessly integrates with your energy network, continuously gathering data and analyzing it to accurately map your energy consumption. This enables the system to intelligently manage your devices and effortlessly switch between different energy sources. The strength of Tibo EMS lies in its Digital Twin technology, which creates a virtual replica of your physical energy network. This provides unparalleled insights and control, bringing real-time optimization and efficiency within reach.

the advantages

Why you’re gonna love Tibo EMS

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