Energy forecasting

Unlock the power of weather forecasting

Boost energy efficiency

Discover how we revolutionizes energy management by harnessing the insights of weather forecasting. Our cutting-edge software predicts energy loss in buildings, empowering you to take proactive measures and achieve exceptional energy efficiency.

Our EMS, fortified by sublime forecasting, revolutionizes your energy management strategy. Seamlessly adapt to changing energy dynamics, reduce costs, and optimize your energy utilization. Embrace the power of forecasting to unlock a new era of efficiency and resilience.

Unleash the potential

By leveraging TIBO’s weather forecasting feature, you actively engage in improving energy efficiency, maximizing savings, and minimizing environmental impact. Don’t let energy loss go unnoticed—seize control of your building’s energy destiny today.

  • Foresee the impact: Our advanced algorithms analyze weather forecasts to anticipate energy loss in buildings. If wind is predicted, it can cause significant energy leakage. By being proactive, you can stay one step ahead of energy inefficiencies.
  • Pinpoint the culprits: High energy consumption often signals underlying drafts or leaks within your building. TIBO’s software identifies potential energy loss sources, from gaps around windows and doors to cracks in walls or roofs. By addressing these issues, you can reduce energy loss and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Future-proof solutions: Our forecasting capabilities go beyond current conditions. We anticipate weather changes that impact your building’s energy efficiency, such as sudden temperature drops or increased humidity. Armed with this information, you can fine-tune your heating and cooling systems, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment while optimizing energy usage.

Harness the power

Experience the game-changing capabilities of TIBO’s Energy Management System (EMS), featuring unparalleled forecasting. Energy forecasting becomes your secret weapon in optimizing battery storage, predicting energy needs with precision.

  • Strategic decision-making: With TIBO’s sublime forecasting, you gain the upper hand in making strategic decisions for your battery storage. Our software predicts energy requirements, enabling you to determine the optimal timing for charging or discharging the battery and the ideal amount of energy to store or release.
  • Seizing demand opportunities: Imagine knowing in advance when there will be a high energy demand. TIBO’s EMS empowers your battery storage system to release stored energy precisely when it’s needed, meeting the surge in demand head-on. Stay ahead of the game with proactive energy management.
  • Embracing excess energy: When a forecast reveals an excess of energy on the network, TIBO’s EMS guides your battery storage system to capture and store that surplus energy. By effectively managing fluctuations in energy demand and supply, you contribute to cost reduction and enhance system stability.


  • Strategic decision-making
  • Seizing demand opportunities
  • Embracing excess energy