Battery Storage

Battery storage systems are used in a variety of applications, including providing backup power for buildings, storing excess energy generated by renewable sources such as solar or wind power, and smoothing out fluctuations in the electric grid. They can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, increase the use of renewable energy, and improve the reliability of the electric grid.

How we make battery storage SMART
In many cases, battery storage is an essential asset to achieve your objectives. But when to charge, when to release stored energy? It all depends on the many demands you have in your grid. Our smart algorithms automatically control your battery assets with a strategy that will mach your desired goals.

PV systems – Solar Powered

Solar panel installations are a promising source of renewable energy, they can be difficult to control due to their variable output, widespread deployment, and maintenance requirements.

How we make PV-systems SMART
Forecasting is the key to high efficiency and smart use of the generated power.

Charging stations

Charging stations

How we make charging stations SMART
We do it!

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

How we make heat pumps SMART
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Ventilation solutions

Ventilation systems can contribute to energy loss in buildings. Ventilation is necessary for maintaining healthy indoor air quality, but it can also result in the loss of heated or cooled air from a building. This can lead to increased energy consumption for heating or cooling systems. One way to reduce this energy loss is to use more efficient ventilation systems and to properly seal and insulate a building to prevent air leakage.

How we make ventilation SMART
Our Machine Learning (ML) algorithms learn form historic data and predict energy consumption. The predicted energy loss for the building and energy consumption are important aspects of the strategic model to optimize the grid. 
Ventilation systems, using sensors and controls to manage ventilation levels can help ensure that it is only used when needed, further reducing energy consumption. Sensored solutions can also give more data based insights for TIBO EMS to achieve the best results.

Cold store installation

Cold store installations

How we make Cold store installations SMART
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