How can we help to reduce costs and emissions?

TIBO Energy management solution can help to reduce costs and emissions in a number of ways. By using our Digital Twin technologie to monitor and control energy usage, organizations can identify areas where energy is being wasted and implement measures to reduce consumption. This can help to lower energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What is a Virtual Power Plant as a Service?

Virtual Power Plant as a Service (VPPaaS) is a type of service offering that allows electricity providers to aggregate and manage distributed energy resources (DERs) in real time.
This typically involves using advanced software and algorithms to control and optimize the output of a network of interconnected DERs, such as solar panels, batteries, and other renewable energy sources. The goal of a VPPaaS system is to provide a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way for electricity providers to balance supply and demand on the grid, while also increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

A virtual power plant is a system that integrates several types of power sources to give a reliable overall power supply.[1] The sources often form a cluster of different types of dispatchable and non-dispatchable, controllable or flexible load (CL or FL) distributed generation (DG) systems that are controlled by a central authority and can include microCHPs, natural gas-fired reciprocating engines, small-scale wind power plants (WPP), photovoltaics (PV), run-of-river hydroelectricity plants, small hydro, biomass, backup generators, and energy storage systems (ESS). Source