Managing grid congestion

for business growth

Free your company from the energy crisis


Do you want to grow your business, but find yourself restricted by your current energy setup? Energy security is no longer as guaranteed as it once was. Grid congestion is a growing challenge causing headaches for many businesses. Operational capacity and expansion plans are colliding with the harsh realities of energy contracts and network capacities.

The impact of this cannot be underestimated. Grid congestion can cause your business to stagnate, with all the associated consequences. Plans for expansion? New investments? All are put on hold because you simply cannot use the energy you need to grow. And that’s not even mentioning the frustration that arises when you repeatedly hit the limits of your energy contract. Fines, additional costs, and the feeling of constantly walking on eggshells – it’s a situation that can make or break your business.

A traditional approach is no longer sufficient. It’s time for a solution that helps you break through these barriers.

Managing Grid Congestion with Tibo

We have the solution that gives your business the freedom to grow without the limitations of your current energy contract. Our advanced software is your key to energy security, designed to always keep you within the bounds of your contracted power while maximizing the efficiency of your energy consumption.

Smart Grid Management
Smart Grid Management
  • Uncover risks and opportunities in the energy network: Gain insight into how your energy network operates and identify both the risks and opportunities for optimization.
  • Seamless migration to real-time EMS: Transition to our energy management system that operates in real time, for unmatched control and efficiency.
Network congestion

It’s time to tackle grid congestion

Don’t let grid congestion hinder the growth and success of your business any longer. With Tibo software, you have the power to manage your energy sources, overcome contract limitations, and move forward at full speed. Discover how you can unlock the full potential of your business with Tibo and request your demo.