We are Tibo Energy. You might not have heard of us yet, but we’re on a big and unique mission, ready to conquer the world. To do this, we need sharp minds as driven as we are. Ready for an adventure? With us, every day is different, except for your colleagues’ jokes; those stay the same. And good news: we’re looking for a Fullstack Developer.

At Tibo Energy, you’ll be at the forefront of technological innovation and sustainability. We’re not just developing smart energy management software, but also integrating advanced AI/ML technologies to make a real impact. Our team is a melting pot of creative thinkers, technical geniuses, and sustainability champions – oh, and fun people. The atmosphere? Informal, innovative, and incredibly engaged.

What our Fullstack Developer will do

We’re currently working on various high-tech software products, many of which focus on data and data analysis and managing energy ecosystems. Our products and services are very diverse, so there’s always something that matches what you find interesting. Frontend, backend, fullstack: we have it all.

But at Tibo Energy, there’s especially room to grow! You’ll be paired with one or more (senior) buddies, who have a wealth of experience. You’ll have about one day per week to learn new skills (and we’re not just talking about making new cocktails or tasting specialty beers ;)). We want you to get better at what you do, learn new skills, and perhaps read blogs about the latest frameworks.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • You can code (JavaScript is required, experience with TypeScript is a plus, as are other languages (Java, PHP, etc.). If you have experience with databases, you also have an advantage.
  • You have good communication skills. During projects, you’re the person who presents, so you need to be able to explain complex topics in simple terms. But if you’re not good at this yet, we’ll teach you.
  • You have a ‘hunger for knowledge’ and are eager to share your own knowledge.
  • Speaking English is great, as we have an international team.

What you’re looking for in a job:

  • Money (obviously)
  • Colleagues with humor
  • Intrinsic motivation to work towards a better world
  • Flexibility. You work 3 to 4 days on projects and one day on yourself
  • 25 vacation days (if you promise to come back)
  • A flexible workplace. Output is key for us, not how and where you do it
  • Travel expense reimbursement
  • The possibility to work from home
  • An environment open to innovation: all ideas to make life better for colleagues or clients are welcome, no matter how wild they are.
  • A job at the most fun startup in the Netherlands
  • An incredibly good work atmosphere. Great colleagues, drinks, and going out.

Are you our new Fullstack Developer?

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