TIBO EMS helps to optimize the operation of charging stations on a campus area, improving the efficiency and reliability of your network.

Monitor & control your charging stations

Charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) can be managed by TIBO energy management solution on a campus area in a number of ways. For example, the TIBO energy management solution can be used to monitor the usage of the charging
stations, allowing campus administrators to track the number of EVs being charged and the amount of energy being consumed. This information can be used to optimize the operation of the charging stations, for example by scheduling
charging during times when the demand for electricity is low, or by adjusting the power levels of the charging stations to match the demand for charging.

Prevent overloading the campus’s electrical infrastructure

TIBO energy management solution can also be used to manage the flow of electricity to the charging stations, ensuring that the campus’s overall energy supply is balanced and stable. This can help to prevent overloading the campus’s
electrical infrastructure, and can also help to reduce the cost of charging EVs.