Manage network congestion

would like to use the EMS to

Manage network congestion

Grid congestion is a global issue, impacting countries worldwide. Increased energy demands, population growth, urbanization, and renewable energy integration contribute to the problem. Countries invest in grid upgrades and advanced technologies to ensure reliable and efficient energy supply while promoting sustainability. TIBO Energy’s software provides innovative solutions to relieve grid congestion by optimizing energy usage, balancing load requirements, and identifying peak demand patterns. With our software, large-scale industrial complexes, or corporate campuses with a diverse range of entities can ensure a seamless energy flow, reduce strain on the grid, and support the stability of the local energy infrastructure.

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Starting Point Of Your Smart

What to do with your Digital Twin?
In the TIMO EMS solution, your Digital Twin is the starting point of your Virtual Power Plant or Smart Grid. The DT will first give you insights; you can bring it ‘to life’ adding historic or real-time data of your energy components. Read more about the four steps to implement your smart grid and start with your energy transition.