Network congestion management

Observe and respond to netcongestion

Relieve Grid Congestion

If grid congestion is a concern for your business, our software allows you to simulate scenarios to mitigate these challenges. By analyzing peak demand patterns, load balancing, and grid interaction, you can develop strategies to relieve congestion and ensure a smooth and efficient energy flow.


  • Do not exceed your contracted limits
  • Avoid net provider penalties

  • Improve the efficiency of your network
  • Grow within the limits of your contract

Grid congestion

Grid congestion is a global problem caused by rising energy demands, population growth, urbanization, and renewable energy integration. To address this, countries invest in grid upgrades and advanced technologies for reliable and sustainable energy supply. Our software offers innovative solutions to ease grid congestion by optimising energy usage, balancing loads, and identifying peak demand. Our software enables businesses to ensure smooth energy flow, reduce grid strain, and support local energy infrastructure stability.

Taking on grid congestion

Our energy management software solution is designed to tackle the critical challenges of grid congestion. By leveraging our software, businesses can optimize their operations, reduce their environmental impact, and contribute to a sustainable future. Take the first step towards a greener, more efficient tomorrow by partnering with TIBO Energy and creating a better world for generations to come.