The collaboration between Tibo Energy and Withthegrid focuses on uniting two specialized areas into one powerful solution. Tibo Energy provides an advanced cloud-based energy management system (EMS), developed to optimize energy production, consumption and storage. Withthegrid adds a Teleport Gateway, an on-site physical gateway to unlock asset flexibility.

Together, Withthegrid and Tibo Energy offer a complete EMS solution that is on-site control seamlessly integrates with cloud-based optimization to deliver strong performance and reliability. In this way, they offer companies with congestion problems or sustainability plans a solution in the most cost-effective way.

Benefits for business owners with congestion problems

The collaboration brings a range of benefits to businesses across Europe that face grid congestion. Combining Teleport from Withthegrid with Tibo’s cloud-based EMS has a number of advantages:

  • Top-class technology: Tibo’s advanced cloud software optimizes with advanced machine learning technology through WithTheGrid’s gateway, which delivers on-site monitoring
  • Flawless integration: The collaboration ensures that all aspects of the EMS solution are seamlessly integrated and provides a unified and efficient energy management platform.
  • Specialized focus: The combined expertise of Withthegrid and Tibo Energy results in a comprehensive and specialized approach to energy management that meets the unique needs of companies looking to become more sustainable.


Remco Eikhout, CEO of Tibo Energy, is excited about the partnership. “It’s a logical choice that will allow customers to benefit from smart energy management software even faster,” he says. “Withthegrid’s gateway solution has an excellent reputation and they are a professional and driven partner to work with. Moreover, the market is too big to want to do everything ourselves: the partnership allows us to focus on the software.”

Paul Mignot, CEO of Withthegrid, adds, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating. During the first pilot projects with Tibo Energy, we experienced their level of professionalism and ambition. We are super proud to be their partner in rolling out their EMS solution on a European scale.”

In conclusion

By combining expertise and resources, Tibo Energy and Withthegrid are poised to deliver an end-to-end EMS solution to companies looking to become more sustainable across Europe. With top-of-the-line technology, flawless integration and a specialized focus on optimization, both companies contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

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