Alice is the heart of the Tibo Energy Management System (EMS). What began as an internal code name grew into a “real” part of the team. Alice is smart, adaptable and incredibly efficient in managing and optimizing energy flows, using real-time data such as weather forecasts, energy prices and the imbalance market.

“With Alice, we have taken a big step forward in energy management,” says Remco Eikhout, CEO of Tibo Energy. “Alice helps us take energy management to the next level, with decisions that go beyond traditional, rule-based systems. We are excited to now make Alice available to businesses worldwide.”

What makes Alice unique?

Alice is distinguished by her AI-driven approach. “While traditional systems rely on pre-programmed rules, Alice makes dynamic decisions based on variables such as weather, temperature, energy prices and the imbalance market,” Eikhout said. “This makes it versatile and highly efficient in optimizing energy flows within an energy ecosystem.”

Thanks to its foundation in microeconomic principles, Alice finds the most cost-effective solutions within the confines of energy contracts. Whether it is a single installation or a complex EnergyHub, Alice seamlessly adapts and offers customized optimizations.

Want to know more about Alice?

The benefits of Alice

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Alice dynamically adapts to changing conditions, such as fluctuations in weather and energy prices, ensuring that energy consumption and generation are always optimal.

  • Optimization of multiple assets: Alice manages complexity by making decisions about the best possible deployment of various energy assets, such as solar panels, batteries, charging stations and heat pumps.

  • Cost savings: Alice predicts energy demand and supply so that energy can be used when it is cheaper and stored or sold when prices are higher.

  • Sustainability goals: Alice helps companies achieve their sustainability goals by using renewable energy sources more efficiently, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

  • Future-proof: By continuously learning and adapting, Alice is prepared for future challenges in the energy sector.

  • Transparency and insight: Alice provides detailed forecasts and simulations, allowing companies to make informed decisions about their energy management.

About Tibo Energy

Tibo Energy holds the key to success for companies facing complex energy transition challenges. Tibo’s Energy Management Software(EMS) not only responds to current energy needs and supply, but also anticipates changes with machine learning and forecasting.

This allows both peakshaving and loadshifting to be applied effectively. Tibo’s software distinguishes itself by managing a complex integration of multiple energy sources and consumers within a network (smart-grid), resulting in optimal utilization of the grid, cost savings and a reduction in emissions. Tibo raised an investment of 3 million in late 2023 and is working with Eindhoven Airport, Hoppenbrouwers and Fudura, among others.

Contact information:

Tibo Energy
Phone: +31 40 200 1022


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