Integrated energy solutions for professionals

The collaboration focuses on providing energy specialists, consultants, and installers with integrated solutions. It combines the unique expertise of Tibo Energy and Legrand to offer innovative total solutions for energy management.

The Tibo Energy Management System (EMS) enables users to effortlessly perform calculations and simulations and receive personalized energy advice. This service aims to efficiently manage energy consumption and save energy.

Optimization of the energy ecosystem

The EMS aims not only to provide insights and simulations but also to optimize the customer’s energy network through intelligent control. Legrand contributes with high-quality hardware that perfectly matches the advice given by Tibo EMS. This supports customers in implementing energy-saving solutions and promotes the transition to sustainable energy.

Key aspects of the collaboration

The collaboration is characterized by several key elements:

  • Joint approach: Tibo Energy and Legrand together offer a total solution for customers looking for charging solutions or an EMS.
  • Integration of digital twins: Legrand products are integrated as digital objects in TIBO’s EMS, allowing users to include these products in their digital twin of the customer environment.

Future involvement in Energy Hub Brainport

In the near future, Tibo Energy and Legrand will join the Energy Hub Brainport collaboration. This initiative brings together companies in the Brainport region to share knowledge and experience in the field of energy transition. Energy Hub Brainport acts as a platform where companies work together on innovative solutions for energy transition challenges.


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