Validate your business case – in rocket speed

Are you ready to take your energy management to the next level? Our advanced software offers simulations tailored to your specific goals and ambitions. By considering user preferences and available resources, we help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Discover how real optimization works and elevate your energy management with precision and ease.

Leverage advanced AI to make real-time, dynamic decisions that far surpass traditional rule-based systems.

Tibo’s software offers a robust simulation tool that operates on the same powerful engine as our Energy Management System (EMS). This seamless integration ensures that what you simulate can be directly and effectively controlled in real-time.

Tibo Energy

Redefining efficiency with AI-powered simulations

Your client wants to add more assets to their network. Instead of dreading the increased complexity, let Tibo handle it. Our software quickly processes even the most intricate calculations. Create a Digital Twin of the network and seamlessly control your simulated outcomes. It’s as easy as that.

Our advanced simulation engine allows you to model various energy scenarios, providing deep insights into potential outcomes before implementation.

Tibo’s software can manage complex scenarios taking into account various variables such as energy generation, storage, consumption and fluctuating energy prices.

Using Tibo’s simulation software dramatically reduces the complexity of calculations that increases exponentially with each added variable.

Digital Twin Tibo Energy

“With Tibo Energy software, we can theoretically simulate the actual situation and show our clients the impact of implementing a new installation. We believe in decentralized systems. In the future, everyone will generate and intelligently manage their own energy. Tibo Energy software offers an elegant solution and provides the most optimal control for every building.”

– Geert Oerlemans


Save time

With Tibo Energy software, you calculate in an hour what takes days with Excel.


About costs, emissions and technical feasibility of your project.

Create truthful simulations

On a quarter-hourly basis and control what you have simulated. Convert to Tibo EMS with one single click.

Tibo Energy

Give your customer the best advice

Your mission is to provide your clients with the most effective and optimized advice. But how do you do that as the complexity of facilities and energy needs increase? With Tibo, you have a powerful ally that provides you with accurate simulations and real-time data analysis.

With Tibo, you advise your client based on detailed insights and forecasts, not only gaining trust, but also taking sustainability and efficiency goals to the next level.

What we simulate, we control, and it doesn’t get more accurate than that. Our software adjusts its plan every second and can switch based on milliseconds.

Tibo software is designed to be used without extensive training, allowing you to be up and running within a day.

Place more assets within the current contract

As an installer, you’re likely familiar with the limitations of our outdated energy grid. Your client wants to expand but is constrained by the maximum contracted power. Adding more assets seems impossible.

Here’s the good news: our platform maximizes the capacity of each connection, enabling you to install additional assets without requiring costly grid upgrades for your customer. This leads to more installations and higher customer satisfaction, as you deliver effective solutions that truly make a difference.

Grid congestion is becoming an increasingly significant issue. Seeking a solution, I connected with Tibo Energy. Where congestion problems arise, we use Tibo Energy’s solutions and their impressive visualizations to convince clients that with an additional investment, they will ultimately benefit more.”

– Henrico van den Boomen

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