Virtual Power Plant as a Service

Create your own smart grids and become less dependent

Virtual Power Plant as a Service

A Virtual Power Plant as a Service (VPPaaS) is an innovative solution that enables electricity providers to aggregate and manage distributed energy resources (DERs) in real-time. It utilizes advanced software and algorithms to control and optimize a network of interconnected DERs, such as solar panels, batteries, and other renewable energy sources. The primary goal of VPPaaS is to provide a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way for electricity providers to balance supply and demand on the grid while increasing the utilization of renewable energy sources.


  • Unlimited scenarios

  • Unlimited Simulations per scenarios
  • Twenty years of weather forecasting

  • Exposes statistically high risk events

Optimizing energy usage and predicting future demand

At the core of our energy management solution lies our powerful algorithms. These algorithms are instrumental in analyzing energy usage data, identifying patterns and trends, and optimizing energy consumption for maximum efficiency.

Optimizing energy use with advanced algorithms:

  • Our algorithms analyze energy usage data to identify peak demand periods. Based on these insights, we dynamically adjust the operation of on-site generation and storage systems to meet high energy demands efficiently.
  • We also leverage our algorithms to pinpoint opportunities for energy conservation. By fine-tuning the operation of equipment and lighting systems, we can reduce energy consumption during periods of low demand.
  • Our advanced algorithms enable us to predict future energy demand accurately. This foresight empowers us to proactively adjust the operation of our energy management system, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation.

TIBO’s advanced algorithms play a pivotal role in our energy management solution, driving efficiency and effectiveness in energy usage.

Key Features of VVPaas

  • Aggregation and management
  • Real-time optimisation
  • Increased renewable energy usage
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Cost-effective energy provision

Embrace Virtual Power Plant as a Service (VPPaaS) to unlock a future where renewable energy integration, grid balance, and cost efficiency go hand in hand. Experience the power of a sustainable energy ecosystem today.