Smart Grid EMS: stay within your contracted power

Tibo’s Smart Grid EMS is your guiding light. Transform your energy management and position yourself at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

how it works

Smart Grid EMS

pushes the limits of
traditional energy management

Intelligent and efficient energy management

The energy market is dynamic and unpredictable. That’s why we’ve equipped our Energy Management system with smart algorithms that not only analyze current energy prices but can also predict future price fluctuations and the availability of renewable energy sources. This forward-thinking approach enables your organization to plan and optimize energy consumption based on the most cost-effective and sustainable options. The result? Maximum energy savings and a significant reduction in operational costs, while contributing to a greener planet.

Technological innovations and integrations

The strength of our Smart Grid EMS also lies in the seamless integration of leading technologies. Sensors and smart meters provide real-time data about your energy consumption, while advanced communication systems efficiently transfer this information within your energy network. This ensures unprecedented transparency and control over your energy usage. Additionally, integration with renewable energy sources and energy storage systems allows for flexible responses to your organization’s energy needs. Whether it’s capturing excess solar energy for later use or tapping into stored wind energy during peak times, Tibo’s Smart Grid EMS ensures you always have the most efficient energy mix at your disposal.

Smart Grid management

the advantages

Optimize within your current contract

With Smart Grid EMS, you’ll never have to lose sleep worrying about exceeding your contract capacity and facing unforeseen costs. Tibo provides you the assurance that you always stay within the boundaries of your contract, thanks to real-time monitoring and intelligent adjustments to your energy consumption.

Smart Grid management

But it goes beyond just staying within your contract limits. Smart Grid EMS enables you to manage your energy consumption flexibly, allowing you to use energy at the most cost-effective times. This translates into direct cost savings and a significant reduction in your carbon emissions, while maintaining full control over your energy usage.

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