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Unleash the

power of AI

Your client wants additional assets in his network. That should be a treat, but secretly you’re balking: your calculation gets even more complex. And that’s just what you didn’t feel like doing.

This is your lucky day: Tibo pops out your calculation within a day, no matter how complex. Then you create a Digital Twin of the network and also control what you have simulated. It’s child’s play.

Tibo EMS
responds and adapts to real-time data, not simulations, providing a highly dynamic and accurate energy management experience. Our EMS can adapt by milliseconds.

Tibo’s software provides a powerful simulation tool that runs on the same engine as the EMS, allowing what you are simulating to be controlled directly and effectively.

Tibo’s software can manage complex scenarios taking into account various variables such as energy generation, storage, consumption and fluctuating energy prices.

Using Tibo’s simulation software dramatically reduces the complexity of calculations that increases exponentially with each added variable.

“Wow! What a powerful tool! Instead of just an analysis on a current scenario, in two hours I already have three scenarios with the effects of additional PV and BESS. And it’s also beautifully presentable!”

Save time

With Tibo software, you calculate in an hour what takes days with Excel.


About costs, emissions and technical feasibility of your project.

Create truthful simulations

On a quarter-hourly basis and control what you have simulated. Convert to EMS with one single click.

Give your customer the best advice

As a consultant, your mission is to provide your clients with the most effective and optimized advice. But how do you do that as the complexity of facilities and energy needs increase? With Tibo, you have a powerful ally that provides you with accurate simulations and real-time data analysis.

With Tibo, you advise your client based on detailed insights and forecasts, not only gaining trust, but also taking sustainability and efficiency goals to the next level.

What we simulate, we control, and it doesn’t get more accurate than that. Our software adjusts its plan every second and can switch based on milliseconds.

Tibo software is designed to be used without extensive training, allowing you to be up and running within a day.

Place more assets within the current contract

Chances are, as an installer, you run into the limitations of our antiquated network. Your client wants to expand, but is stuck with a maximum contracted power. Post additional assets? It’s not in there.

We have good news: our platform lets you get more out of each connection, allowing you to place more assets without your customer having to invest in expensive grid upgrades. This means more installations and greater customer satisfaction because you provide effective solutions that make a real difference.

“”Next level energy hub software! After a demo of Tibo software, I am convinced of its power. Thanks to machine learning algorithms and the ability to create a Digital Twin of your energy assets, I can accurately simulate the impact of different scenarios on my grid load.

Collaborations with Withthegrid and Envitron provide a complete solution for managing and controlling my assets. The user-friendliness is unprecedented; I was able to start using it immediately. In short: a game-changer for everyone in the energy industry.”

Every millisecond on top of your energy management

The Tibo EMS is distinguished by its AI-driven approach.While traditional systems make decisions based on rules, the Tibo EMS makes makes decisions dynamically based on a multitude of variables, such as weather, temperature, energy prices and the imbalance market.

The basis lies in microeconomic principles, so the Tibo EMS always finds the most cost-effective solution that fits within the limits of the contract.

This significantly improves both the economic and sustainability aspects of energy management. Whether you have a few assets or manage within a complex EnergyHub, Tibo EMS seamlessly adapts and provides customized optimizations.

Increase your sales

Sell more hardware and create upsell opportunities from the Tibo EMS.


Tibo software has an extremely short learning curve. You don’t need technical knowledge. After our onboarding session, you can immediately start simulating your first case on your own.

100% hardware independent

We provide only the software; you receive a kickback fee per license. What more could you want?

Frequently asked questions about Tibo EMS

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions about the Tibo EMS. Is your question not among them? Then take a look at our FAQ.

What differentiates Tibo EMS from other EMS systems?2024-05-10T10:56:17+02:00

The Tibo EMS is AI-powered and enables real-time, dynamic decisions. This provides efficient, customized energy solutions within your contractual boundaries, far beyond the capabilities of traditional, ruledbased systems.

In addition, we are purely a software company, so we do not compete with our partners. Our platform is hardware-independent, so you are not locked into one vendor and remain flexible in your choices. This combination of technological edge and partner-centric approach makes the Tibo EMS a unique solution in the market.

Does Tibo EMS work with any battery?2024-05-10T10:56:23+02:00

Absolutely!!! Tibo EMS is designed to work with virtually any battery on the market, provided it can be paired with ModBus. Our system is designed to be hardware-independent, which means we can work with a wide range of battery storage systems. This gives you the freedom to choose or upgrade your energy storage solution, with the assurance that Tibo EMS can drive it seamlessly.

Am I stuck with specific hardware with Tibo EMS?2024-05-10T10:56:36+02:00

No, with Tibo EMS you are not stuck with specific hardware. We designed our system with flexibility and independence in mind because we believe in the power of choice for our users. This means that our platform is compatible with a wide range of hardware, as long as it can communicate via standard protocols such as ModBus.

So you are not limited to certain brands or types of equipment. You can choose what best suits your needs and budget without worrying about compatibility issues. Moreover, if you’ve already made investments in certain equipment, our flexible software helps you maximize that investment rather than forcing you into unnecessary additional expenses.

Tibo EMS represents freedom and flexibility, allowing you to maintain control over your energy management without being tied to a closed system or vendor lock-in.

What assets can Tibo EMS control?2024-05-10T10:55:28+02:00

Tibo EMS is designed to control a wide range of flexible assets, taking your energy management to the next level. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Battery storage: Essential for energy storage and providing energy during peak times or when energy prices are highest.
  • Heat Pumps: Effectively deployed to balance supply and demand by smart switching on and off based on energy needs and prices.
  • Electric water heaters: Ideal for storing excess energy in the form of hot water, ready for use when needed.
  • Cold stores: Can be flexibly managed to optimize energy consumption, especially useful off-peak.
  • Swimming pools: Their heating systems can be adapted to maximize energy efficiency, such as by heating during low-energy hours or excess solar energy.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Smart charging or discharging (Vehicle-to-Grid) to support the energy grid and take advantage of favorable energy prices.

Our system uses AI technology to manage these assets not only individually but also as part of an integrated system. This allows Tibo EMS to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and contribute to a more sustainable energy supply. The flexibility and ability to control a diverse range of assets make our EMS particularly effective in optimizing your energy ecosystem.

How does the Tibo EMS integrate with existing energy infrastructure?2024-05-10T10:56:53+02:00

Tibo EMS integrates seamlessly with your existing energy infrastructure. We make this possible by smartly interfacing with all your energy assets. Whether for new systems or existing configurations, Tibo EMS can be implemented to optimize your energy management.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of Tibo EMS without major modifications or replacements of your current systems. Our system is designed to be flexible and compatible with a wide range of energy assets and systems. This is how we ensure that the transition to our advanced EMS goes smoothly, without compromising the efficiency or effectiveness of your energy management.

How do you handle any system failures or Tibo EMS outages?2024-05-10T10:55:36+02:00

At Tibo Energy, we make sure your Energy Management System(EMS) is always running smoothly, even when unexpected things happen. Our system, starring Alice, runs in a secure cloud environment. This makes it super reliable, but we know that sometimes things go differently than planned.

Suppose the connection between our cloud and your gateway takes a dip for a while. That is no reason to panic. We have a smart failsafe system. That means the gateway will continue with the last program it received from us until the connection is restored. This keeps everything running locally with you, right within the boundaries you care about. Once the connection is back, Alice updates herself to the latest insights.

How does Tibo EMS contribute to sustainability goals?2024-05-10T10:55:19+02:00

With Tibo EMS, you take a giant step toward your sustainability goals. The smart system, powered by a revolutionary AI algorithm, ensures that your energy use, carbon emissions and energy costs are not only understood but also optimized.

Using real-time data, from your assets to weather forecasts, Tibo EMS continuously optimizes how, when and where you use or generate energy.

The result? You consume less, save more and reduce your carbon footprint. And because our algorithm learns from every situation, your system only gets smarter and more efficient.

By flexibly controlling assets such as solar panels, batteries, and heat pumps, you also actively contribute to balancing the energy grid. This not only reduces the risk of grid congestion, but also supports the transition to a more sustainable energy supply. With Tibo EMS, you make your sustainability ambitions a reality, today and in the future.

What are the benefits of using AI in energy management?2024-05-10T10:55:05+02:00

Leveraging AI in energy management, as we do with Alice, has multiple benefits that make energy management not only smarter but also more efficient and cost-effective:

  1. Flexibility and adaptability: AI can dynamically adapt to changing conditions, such as fluctuations in weather, energy prices, and user behavior. This ensures that you are always using and generating energy in the most efficient way possible.
  2. Optimizing multiple assets: Even if you work with multiple energy assets, such as solar panels, batteries, charging stations and heat pumps, AI can manage this complexity. By continuously learning from patterns, AI can make the best possible decisions to reduce your carbon footprint and costs.
  3. Cost savings: AI helps predict energy demand and supply, allowing you to use energy when it’s cheaper and store or sell it when prices are higher. This results in direct cost savings.
  4. Sustainability goals: With AI, you can better achieve your sustainability goals by using renewable energy sources more efficiently, reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.
  5. Future-proof: With rapid developments in renewable energy and increasing demand for electricity, it is essential to have a system that can adapt to future challenges. AI provides this flexibility and scalability.

AI is transforming the way we manage energy by providing smart, flexible and cost-effective solutions that not only benefit the environment, but also improve operational efficiency and financial performance.

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